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Tracking your expenses on a monthly basis is the starting point of your personal finance journey


Why keeping track of your Expenses is Important

By tracking your expenses, you will get a better understanding of where your money goes and will make more informed decisions about your spending, such as prioritizing certain categories while avoiding overspending in others

Expense tracking is the first step towards budgeting. If you’re unaware of your spending patterns, you won’t be able to come up with a relevant budget. Creating an accurate and meaningful budget will then help you take control of your personal finances

When you track your expenses, you may discover that you are spending more money in certain areas than you realized. This knowledge can then help you make the necessary adjustments to your finances in order to free up more money for savings and other investments

Tracking your expenses can also help you manage and reduce your debt load more effectively. So if you’re regularly maxing out your credit cards, now is the time to take a good look at your spending habits and take action

Expense tracking and analysis will provide you with the raw data you need to make informed decisions about your personal finances. Making long-term financial plans, such as saving for retirement or a large purchase always starts by know how much you spend and save on a monthly basis

Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel Template

Expense Tracking SPREADSHEET

Our Expense Tracking Spreadsheet comes with all the necessary tools to keep track of your expenses and analyze your spending habits so you can make informed decisions and easily improve your finances

All-in-One Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Custom Categories

We get it, life is complicated! That’s why our spreadsheet comes with up to 15 categories and 225 subcategories so you can organize your personal finances in detail, the way you want!

  • 15 Spending Categories
  • 225 Spending Subcategories
  • 4 Expense Types

Automatic Categorization

Forget the tedious work of having to categorize each and every one of your expenses, or trusting an unreliable online app to do it for you. With our expense tracker, associate keywords to categories and subcategories and let the spreadsheet do its magic!

  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Auto Sections & Categories
  • Ability to add Comments

Unlimited Transactions

Save all of your transactions in one file to unleash the analytic power of our Expense Tracker. Filter data by date, description, section, category, type, amount or account and get a custom extract of your past expenses in one click

  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Auto Section / Category
  • Ability to add a Memo
  • Custom Data Sorting

Summary View

Get a summary view of your transactions and see where your money went over a particular month, year or number of months. Your transactions are automatically and intuitively broken down by types, sections and categories so you can see the big picture

  • Multi-period Display
  • Breakdown by Expense Type
  • Breakdown by Category
  • Breakdown by Section

Monthly View

Get a detailed review of your spending for a particular month through various angles, including a consolidated view per expense type, your top 25 expenses with custom filters, a section view and more

  • Top Sections Review
  • Top Categories Review
  • Cash Flow Bridge
  • Top 25 Expenses list

Versus View

Easily compare two periods (months, years, Year-to-Date, Annualized Periods, etc.) with each other to identify spending trends in one click

  • 5 Comparable Period Types
  • Top 15 Expenses by Category
  • Section & Detailed Views
  • Summary Graphs

Summary Report

Get all the important KPIs in one summary report that is easy to read and ready to share with your partner, family, or third parties.

  • Monthly & YTD Data
  • Expenses breakdown
  • Mandatory vs Discretionary
  • Total Wealth tracking

Monthly Report

Get a snapshot of your finances for a particular month, including your top sections and categories, top-10 expenses as well as your performance against your budget

  • Cash Flow Bridge
  • Top Sections & Categories
  • Top 10 Expenses
  • Actuals vs Budget Summary

Versus Report

Compare your financial performances between two months, years, or custom periods and generate a custom report that is ready to print

  • Key Financial Indicators
  • Section Breakdown
  • Top Categories
  • Top 15 Expenses

And Much More!

Our Expense Tracking Spreadsheet comes with many more features:

Budget Planner

Keep a budget to prioritize your spending and ensure that you’re setting aside enough money to meet your financial goals

Cash Flow Management

Start tracking the flow of money in and out of your accounts and identify monthly spending patterns more easily

Mortgage Calculator

Create your monthly amortization schedule and calculate potential savings by making custom mortgage prepayments

Net Worth Tracking

Track your Net Worth in real time and adjust your portfolio allocation when required

Budget Spreadsheet Features

Ready to Excel in Your Finances?

Download our Free Expense Tracking Spreadsheet and take control of your personal finances


Free forever. Powerful Upgrade AVAILABLE.

Light Version

  • Up to 4 Categories
  • Up to 20 Subcategories
  • Automatic Categorization
  • Budget Planning
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Account Balances
  • Net Worth Tracker
  • Portfolio Management
  • 5 Analytic Views

Advanced Version
One Time

  • All in Light Version Plus:
  • Up to 15 Categories
  • Up to 225 Subcategories
  • 30-year Forecasts
  • Retirement Analysis
  • 8 Summary Reports
  • Custom Sheet
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Priority Customer Support

Take Control of Your Finances Today and Start Planning For Tomorrow


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Common Questions

Tracking your expenses is the first step towards getting your personal finances in order. You will get a better understanding of where your money goes and you will be able to build a meaningful budget based on your spending patterns. An Expense Tracking Spreadsheet will also help you with maximizing your savings by identifying categories where you tend to overspend. Finally, tracking expenses will help you manage and reduce your debt over time.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best way to track expenses, as it can vary depending on individual preferences and financial goals. However, the two most popular methods for tracking expenses are budgeting apps like Mint, YNAB and Personal Capital and custom expense tracking spreadsheets like Disciplined Finance.

At Disciplined Finance, we’re obviously biased because we love our spreadsheets. We think spreadsheets offer a degree of customization and sophistication that online apps cannot match. Spreadsheets also represent a cheaper option as they don’t require a monthly or yearly fee. Finally, spreadsheets don’t track your personal information or sell your data to third parties and they provide full transparency & privacy (what’s in the spreadsheet stays in the spreadsheet).

With our Expense Tracking Spreadsheet, tracking expenses is easy! Simply download our free template, create custom categories and fill in your past transactions from your bank account or a financial aggregator like Personal Capital. Once fed, let the spreadsheet run its magic and get a snapshot of your expenses over time in an instant!

All of them! To be meaningful, an expense tracker needs to include all of your expenses, so you can get a comprehensive understanding of your spending habits and identify areas of improvement.

Absolutely, we made our spreadsheet as user friendly as possible. The great thing with pre-built templates is that you don’t need to know how they work to use them and benefit from them.

Of course, we do. Please have a look at our Online Documentation section for more information about the spreadsheet.

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Hi there, I’m Nick Peters. Investment Banker during the day, I’m passionate about Personal Finance and financial modeling so I decided to combine both interests and create to help people better handle their finances and plan for the future. This free Expense Tracking Spreadsheet is the result of countless hours of work, and has been built with everything you need to keep track and analyze every aspect of your finances!